Jayne works for several hundreds of private clients and organisations every year, dating thousands of photographs and artworks and receiving excellent feedback.

‘Thank you for your swift analysis of my photos. I very much appreciate the amount of detail you have given me on all three. The outcome wasn't what I hoped for, but I totally respect your opinion and expertise, which proved I was barking up the wrong tree! You are the No.1 Photo Detective! I am quite fascinated by costume and the way you have identified them has been so interesting. It has been extremely helpful to have your expert advice and clarification. Thank you again for all you have achieved for me.’
Trish Rees, England

‘I am very pleased with this report and very happy with the second report as well. You have helped to identify my 3 x great grandfather, photographed c.1880. This is awesome. I am contacting several cousins to have them look through their photos and will be contacting you again. Thank you, Jayne. I am very happy with your work.’
Dan Burn, USA

‘Many thanks for your analyses, which were most helpful. As ever, you went beyond the bounds of duty. Thanks again for your expertise. You’re a most approachable expert, which makes the whole thing so easy and enjoyable.’
Andy Bradley, Scotland

‘Thank you for dating my photograph and returning it in a new format. I know exactly who it is, although it wasn't who I had presumed. A thirty-year old mystery cleared!’
Mary Burnell, New Zealand

‘Many thanks for your help with my photographs. With your dating, and the information that I have found on the backs of the pictures, I have been able to identify some of them with certainty. Once again you have given a most excellent service. I would be happy to be quoted as a "satisfied customer".’
Dr. Susan Bower, England

‘Thank you, Jayne, very thorough and informative. I now know who the two young boys are! I already knew the identity of the couple but the correct time frame and examination of their appearance indicated a more profitable time of their lives. I’m thrilled with how your analysis guided me down a very different path in my research and allowed my thinking to change. What a valuable resource, Jayne!’
Barb Baker, Canada

‘Thank you so much for the info regarding the photograph of hopefully my great grandparents. I will use your great service again as I have other photos to try to date.’
William Baldrick, Australia

‘Many thanks for your wonderful analysis which has answered so many questions for me and helped to discover the identity of some of my ancestors. Many of our photos had been identified by writing on the back, but the identification is not always accurate, as you noted.’
Diane Smith, England

'Your report is fascinating. At this point it raises more questions, but you have given me some very helpful clues…. Thank you so much! I am happy to give you a good reference’.
Laurel Busch, USA

‘Thank you for another speedy reply. This is an interesting and detailed statement and your comments on the Swedish image are very useful to me. I am really impressed!’
Erlend Hegdal, Norway

‘You can have no idea of the impact your report has had on me. Your photo dating and assessments have enabled me to accurately advance my ancestry. My sister was thrilled too.’
Maddy Cook, England

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